Social stuff

Social Media needs the magic trilogy: content, planning and time

Social media, it's the best thing for small business, right? Affordable, quick and, for the commitment-averse amongst us, there's no binding contract and no massive financial investment. So, how come you're not wedging the door shut on the braying pack of potential customers who are demanding your products/services?

There's many an answer to that, my friend, but I'd wager a hectare of the finest farming land and a pokey bottle of tequila that one of the reasons Social isn't performing for you, is time - and your lack of it. 

You see, the key thing with the world of Social is that while it is cost effective - you gotta know how to make it work for you and you have to be present in your online presence, if you get my meaning.

In short, Social needs a schedule and I can help with that, so come on,