Dear Digi

Dear Digi Wan Kenobi,
My web developer has disappeared and I don’t know what to do! I’ve had my website for nearly a year and I know that I signed up for annual stuff but I don’t know what, or how to find out, or who to talk to!
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I have the password to the website but a lot of good that does me, I’m too frightened to use it.
You’re the only one who can help me, Digi Wan.
Lost in Space
          Dear Lost in Space,
          Never fear, my friend, all is not lost, do not give up hope. You are not alone, for there are many who have walked your path before you. I would go on to shower you in movie quotes, but quite frankly, I think you get it… I’m dressed as, you know, Obi.. oh dear heavens. 
          Okay, crashing on then, as I’m clearly wasted here, or maybe I should be clearly wasted…
          Oh, sorry, you’re still here. Right! There are places where you can go, places where you will find the knowledge you seek.
          Here is a place my digital boots have travelled before:
          Simply type in your domain name and you should find the knowledge you require (such as domain issuer and host provider) to continue your digital journey.

          If Dear Digi can help further, please reach out, she is here for you.
Always looking up

Digi Giraffe

Dear Digi,
My soap shavings business isn’t doing so well. I built a website using something off the telly and now I can’t find it. Well, no, I can find it but it doesn’t look like the thing it should look like.
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You see it should be all lovely and with close up pictures of my shavings but it isn’t. It just doesn’t look like the Molton Brown website and that’s what I wanted.
Help me, Digital Giraffe.
Meesh from the UK.
Dear Meesh,
          Let’s get to business. As much as spending my hard earned money on the shavings from a bar of soap fills me with a joy last experienced when I accidently chewed a plant with funny shaped leaves, I will side-step (gently as a manoeuvre of this kind requires forethought) your choice of product and focus on the two issues I see as being salient here.
          Issue numero uno: Imagery is not jiggery-pokery. The photos you take of your (do I have to say it?), shavings must, must, must be of the best quality you can muster (and really, you must muster). Now, these days the cameras on our phones are amazing and packed full of pixels (the little creatures that hold hands to make a picture) so for a lot of web stuff your phone may suffice but, if you want to entice and engage your potential customer, Meesh, you gotta invest on beautiful imagery, you gotta make it pop, make it the thing I want most in the world (were I in the shavings market). So if your photo has got yer Nana popping her teeth in at the back or the auto focus has beamed in on your faux Van Gogh, it ain’t gonna fly.
          Issue numero due: You have a flat, one dimensional website – the type you just keep on scrolling down to glean information or to look at Nana. I hate to say it, Meesh, but this is what you get from the telly. I never trust the telly myself, I’ve heard there’s a lot of fake stuff going on.
          But to be serious for a moment, Meesh, your website is your shop front, the gallery to your goods, so don’t scrimp on this side of your business, because it may cost you business. Find a trustworthy and experienced person to create a website that will suit your business and grow and develop with you – but please, please make sure you get all documentation and passwords from them as soon as the site is live it may save you a lot of heartache later on.
          I hope this helps, Meesh, and I wish you the very best with your scrapings.
Always looking up,
P.S. I contacted Molton Brown re: scrapings, they said they were talking note of my IP address should I bother them again.